There are so many home security companies out there that guarantee home protection. But how can you choose one that actually fulfils its claim? Just like any individual, you demand reliability, quality, and affordability for each dollar you spend on a home security monitoring system. To ensure you choose a home security company that matches your individual needs and your budget, consider these key points:

Most home security companies offer three types of home protection alarms. The basic alarm system is just that-a system that sounds an alarm when triggered. Many systems have multiple layers of monitoring including a central control board, a bell box, and security monitors. The home security companies may also offer smoke and heat detectors, or asset protection devices such as keychain alarms and motion detectors. These additional monitoring options can increase peace of mind and make a world of difference when you’re away from home.

Some home security companies offer two-way voice. This means you can actually talk directly to a representative during an alarm condition. This is convenient, especially if your loved one isn’t able to speak and reach you by cell phone. You might be wondering how this differs from the standard home security systems, so here’s how two-way voice works:

One of the best home security companies today offers integrated medical alarm systems. These devices provide medical assistance when your loved one is experiencing a medical emergency, but you’re not at home or accessible. Medical alarm systems use a phone line connected to your phone line. If your loved one should call 911 while they are in the emergency room, the medical alarm systems will contact your home phone and your designated emergency contact person. Once your medical alarm is triggered, your home security companies will dispatch the appropriate authorities.

Many home security providers offer 24-hour surveillance. This long-term surveillance service can provide you peace of mind, even after you’re not home. This is particularly useful if you’re away for a long time – a long vacation, a business trip, or other extended stays. You can watch your house through a remote viewing site from anywhere in the world. These long-term surveillance services work similarly to video surveillance.

Some home automation options provide affordable security systems. This includes things like garage door openers, smoke detectors, and more. All of these home automation options work to protect your residence from unwanted visitors. There are dozens of different garage door openers that allow you to open your garage doors from anywhere in the world, if you have access to the internet; there are similar infrared motion detectors that allow you to turn on and off your lights from anywhere in the home whenever you wish; and there are dozens of other, more obscure gadgets available.

When choosing an affordable home security system, one of the most important factors is the monitoring fee. A monitoring fee is what you pay your home security companies every time they send someone to check on your house. While a monitoring fee may seem minimal, it could be a great deal more than you want to pay. If a burglar strikes while you’re not at home and you do not have the money to replace your home security system or otherwise replace any expensive alarms, you may want to consider investing in more expensive, more visible motion detectors and monitoring fees.

For the best affordable home security companies, some home security companies may include a monthly installation fee. This installation fee can vary from company to company, but generally is a portion of your overall security package. When choosing a company with which to install your new home security system, always check to see if they include installation fees in their pricing. You may also want to ask your home security monitoring company whether they will bill your credit card for any installation charges that you don’t make out of pocket. These extra installation charges could end up costing you much more than you realize over the course of a year.