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Cameras for Restaurant and Bars Security IP Camera Systems

IP security camera systems for restaurant and bars

Bars and restaurants face a wide variety of security challenges daily. The constant change of customers and high employee turnover leave a special risk of theft for this business model such as bars and restaurants. The benefits of a properly installed surveillance system with IP cameras can improve security for customers, employees and property owners.


Security Cameras benefits for Bar and Restaurant

Easy installation – OTC IP video surveillance camera systems for bars and restaurants are very easy to install and configure. Unlike the old analog CCTV camera systems, all you have to do is set up the cameras and connect the NVR. No special tools for coax or power cables are needed.

Avoid theft – Surveillance IP cameras can help prevent burglaries and a properly positioned security IP camera can put an end to “eat and go”, where customers eat but leave the place before their account arrives.

Less Fights and Violence – Fights are common in crowded bars, especially during busy environments, such as on game days or weekend nights. IP security cameras in restaurants can help prevent confusion and, in the event of fights or violence, help identify those responsible.

Check images at any time – A network of IP cameras with an NVR (network video recorder) can transmit images over the internet, allowing a check-up of the restaurant or bar at any time. This is perfect for restaurant chains – you can access multiple locations from wherever you are, at the same time with a single Internet connection.


Cautions when installing IP Cameras

Privacy – IP cameras in restaurant and bar can only record images in public areas such as the lobby where the dining tables, bars, administrative areas such as stock and kitchen are. Keep IP cameras away from bathrooms or employee locker rooms.

Vandalism – IP cameras installed in public places are susceptible to various forms of vandalism, especially in bars. Cameras damaged by vandalism can cause recording failures.

Power failure – Surge or power failure can cause failure or interruption in recording images. Even if it occurs rarely, this possibility always exists. In a well-designed project, IP Cameras with PoE (Power over Ethernet – are powered via network cable by the PoE Switch to which they are connected) are used, thus a well-sized UPS will allow recording to continue even in the aforementioned cases.


What to consider before purchasing cameras for a bar or restaurant

The correct sizing of the IP and NVR camera system depends on the need for each bar or restaurant, the number of people circulating the layout of the property, etc. Below are some questions that must be considered before defining the IP camera system:

  • Have there ever been big fights in the bar / restaurant in the past?
  • Is there an incidence of the “eat and leave without paying the bill” problems?
  • What can be considered the greatest security risk in the establishment?
  • Is a security system installed?
  • Does the neighborhood contribute to security in general?
  • Are there rush hours or days at the bar / restaurant?
  • What is the average number of people attending the bar or restaurant?
  • Are there events that contribute to capacity on specific days?
  • Have there been problems with theft of employees (stealing from the cashier, giving free food or drink)?
  • Is the bar / restaurant in a building or home? Do you have parking?
  • Can employees easily access the dining room or server location?

Recommendations for deploying IP Cameras in the Bar or Restaurant

  • Place IP cameras in open areas, such as in the lobby where tables are located to protect customers from possible theft.
  • Kitchen cameras can help with job security and keep facilities within DOH’s requirements.
  • Place IP cameras at the entrances and exits to monitor all personnel entering and leaving the restaurant.
  • Attach cameras close to the office and cash register to prevent burglaries.

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