Security Guards

Security Guards

The security camera monitoring system can be installed both on public roads and on private properties, being essential to monitor movements and possible unusual actions by users. This system is monitored in real time by a professional team who are at the monitoring center.

It is common for a system that has a monitoring center to operate 24 hours a day, with specific equipment that is all connected by real time. In smaller private environments, a robust monitoring center is not always necessary, however, in large companies and spaces, it is quite important.

This is because the more cameras are used in a system, the more monitors are needed to display the captured images. A small system can be monitored more simply, by cell phone or by a home television, for example. An industrial yard system needs a physical space to install all monitoring equipment.

Security Guards

With current private security camera technology, a monitoring center does not need to be on the same ground as the company, commerce or industry. This means that it is not mandatory to have a specific room for the monitoring center. Companies currently work with a remote monitoring center, as the equipment can communicate through an Intranet network, which connects to the Internet via network and wireless.

Companies of all sizes seek greater security system to prevent theft of their equipment and documents, as well as assaults by employees. In the case of logistics companies, for example, the mistrust is even greater: the cargo may also be stolen or stolen in the yard or on the roads. In all current conditions, all sectors seek to take precautions in the best possible way.

Monitoring by security cameras has the role of assisting all types of property. A company specialized in the area uses different models and types of technologies, being able to serve small, medium and large businesses. We explained a little about the security camera options that the market offers, and how the cameras work in a monitoring system.

Equipment Used in a Camera Monitoring System

Monitoring is only possible through a set of equipment, which are: security cameras, monitors, cables, recorders, and accessories that can be attached, such as alarms and sensors. The most used security cameras are analog and IP cameras, each using different support equipment, as they have different technologies.

As an example, in an analog security system that the monitoring center is necessary, the captured images are sent to one or more monitors. However, analog cameras do not record images alone, so it is necessary to connect a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) device. In IP cameras, the captured images are automatically sent to a network, be it LAN, Intranet or Internet.

The IP camera can be compared with a computer, as it can receive and send data over the network, following the worldwide trend of Internet of Things (IoT) technology. That is why the support equipment is very different from an analog camera, which can also have images recorded and transmitted over a network, but with other support equipment.

What is the role of a monitoring center?

Through the existence of a monitoring center, which may or may not be on the same property being monitored, the monitors are on 24 hours a day, and are observed by a professional known as a monitoring operator.

There are cases where more than one operator is needed, which will be on hand should an alarm ring, or a crime occurs, thus triggering a security team to assist the owners. In addition to the specialized team, the images captured can be used in the legal sector, as evidence, and in police investigations for prison cases.

A monitoring center serves as a prevention of attacks, since the monitored environment has signs that the region is monitored by a central. In addition, it is also important to act in an emergency and not just to prevent it, it is also calling authorities, security guards if necessary.

This monitoring logic has been fundamental for private environments, such as residential and chemical condominiums, but it also works for the public sector. Monitoring of streets and highways in a city or state exists to bring more security to the population and serve them in case of need, with security guards and posts in strategic locations. Like camera installations, these cases may also involve private security companies through bidding.

In all conditions at the monitoring center, a practical role for professionals to act to physically protect and apply assets, as well as serve as an official reference for investigative cases, to use the quietest day or day for people, who trust more in the site security.

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