Industrial Security Camera: What is the importance for the industry?

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industrial Every manager knows the importance of their industry safe. For this, the reality of many factories is already the use of security cameras and software. CCTV – Closed Circuit Television – allows remote or local images management, as well as recording of events or the whole day. In this way, security, maintenance, work safety and even quality control teams can analyze the images again whenever they feel this need or want to detect a problem. Even though they are widespread technologies, not everyone understands the importance of monitoring and security cameras. Therefore, in this article we will explain better all that this equipment can do for you, your employees and processes. Check out the main points below.

Theft prevention

The first advantage to get a CCTC Surveillance security camera system is even obvious: minimizing theft and robbery situations that occur within a site. When using equipment with good image resolution, it is possible to investigate events like this later and identify the guilty. In addition, the presence of the camera system itself presents itself as an obstacle to criminals, hampering and sometimes discouraging their actions. In factories with extensive plants or with several sites, this benefit is even more valuable, given the proportion of risks that could occur and the savings that can be generated. The use of intelligent video analysis and virtual tour, for example, can make surveillance activity more effective and productive, requiring fewer operators. Security cameras can be easily integrated with perimeter protection devices, access control, alarms, audio, movement or emotion identification, among others. With this, you get an integrated security solution for your factory, as several critical points are met in a wide way.

Quality control of industrial process

It is possible to remotely observe whether processes are being carried out within the standard requirements at your plants. Remote monitoring through footage makes the task of quality control more practical and quicker, in addition to saving time and resources, since it excludes the need for inspectors present on site for a long period of time. With the application of video analytics, it is possible to obtain even more efficiency, since intelligent surveillance systems have the ability to detect specific events and generate alerts on the operator’s screen, in case of situations such as: motion, video tampering, line crossing, excessive time at rest, among others. It is even possible to configure the system to generate alerts by email or SMS and bring more agility and guarantee to the process.

Remote equipment maintenance

In large factories or with multiple sites, it is possible to carry out a preventive diagnosis of possible equipment failures and even perform remote maintenance. Imagine a company with headquarters in New York and branches in Florida, through the security system any non-conformity in the equipment of the industrial plant is identified at a distance through the central surveillance system. Thus, it is possible to instruct a team and assign it to the location in need, excluding the need for the initial presence of inspectors in the Florida Plant. This reduces maintenance staff costs, which makes the management process unified and secure.

Safety of industry workers

The adoption of safe conduct by employees is an issue of extreme importance for work carried out in industries and which can become even more critical depending on the type of machines and inputs handled in the activities routine. Thinking about it, the security camera represents a great ally in this scenario. By placing the security cameras in risk areas, the dynamics monitoring becomes more effective, as it allows simultaneous different control areas of the plant. Thus, preventive actions can be checked, such as the correct use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and the ideal distance from dangerous areas. Again, the use of video analytics optimizes the monitoring task, making automatic the identification of defined situations. Motion, heat and color identification sensors can be applied to detect events such as: product spillage, overheating, object removal, etc.

Industry administration

In the industries, the number of employees to be monitored is very high and, therefore, having the help of a security camera system can be the most assertive and safe way out. In addition, even the loading and unloading area can be integrated by managing the entry and exit of vehicles remotely, thus offering more agility in the process and detecting problems that are disturbing the entire system. Therefore, CCTV meets your needs in both operational and security areas and can fully involve your business, making it easy not only monitoring, but also decision-making and agility with which changes are made. Call us (833) 682-8622 or click to learn more about Industrial Security Cameras

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