OVERVIEW about our Products and services to Retail

Running a successful business is no easy task, and it is becoming increasingly challenging. While you are still figuring out how to stop shoplifters and keep a close eye at the warehouse, making sure customers have great in-store experience becomes a pressing issue…and then your staff is complaining about the shift schedule!

All these details serve as critical parts in making your business better  but only if you have the right tools to leverage them. Our retail package is your one-stop solution for security, marketing, and operation challenges like these – and more.

OTC retail solution caters to both small and big businesses, ranging from a convenience store to a spacious shopping mall. Although each business in the retail sector takes distinct forms and exhibits different characteristics, they all share the need for better property security and smarter management and operations. Based on a deep understanding of what each and every type of business might need, OTC can offer bespoke solutions that specifically answer the most concerning questions:

Convenience Store or Quick Service Restaurant

Convenience Store Gas Station OTC Security Cameras

Convenience stores and quick service restaurants are usually relatively
small in space. However, everything is standardized, as they are mostly chain
stores. The very nature of these stores make operational management – including
location and comparison among stores – the main focus.  

Along with a basic security
system, OTC security camera also offers a set of intelligent functions that can help quantify
the status of a store, and make operational management more efficient.

Specialty Store

Specialty Store OTC Security Cameras

Specialty stores sell goods from select brands, which makes these high-value commodities. Preventing theft is essential. Other than that, the operational costs of such specialty stores are higher than other off-brand or smaller stores, which makes conversion rates, location, and service particularly important.

With OTC’s intelligent devices and abundant functions, management teams can review and respond to any property loss events or unsatisfied performance in a timely fashion. 


Supermarket OTC Security Cameras

People enjoy shopping supermarkets because they have just about every
need in one place. But that becomes a challenge when it comes to security.
Shoplifting and internal theft pose a difficult challenge to supermarket

OTC Security Camera answers these specific questions with the supermarket solution. Not
only does this solution offer useful functionality for property safety and loss
prevention, it also provides tools to increase employee efficiency and to
simplify management.

Shopping Mall or Department Store

Retail 1

Running a shopping mall or a department store is like conducting an
orchestra, coordinating and keeping track of subtle nuances in order to produce
a perfect symphony. There are so many things involved in this process – from
big picture of mall security to safety in individual stores, tracking the
effectiveness of a promotional event, analyzing popular spots or routes for
customers, and much more.

Shopping malls and department stores need a comprehensive system that
can both provide fundamental security functions along with added intelligent
features. OTC Security Camera has the complete package for both security and added operational