Commercial Businesses Surveillance systems with IP cameras

Increased productivity with monitoring with IP cameras

Investing in adequate security measures is a fundamental aspect of being a successful entrepreneur. It is not just about protecting your property and assets, but also about how to monitor the productivity of your employees’ work and keeping a close eye on internal operations.

Surveillance solutions

There is currently a wide variety of small business IP security camera systems specifically designed for small business owners every day who need a reliable solution for recording any unusual activity that occurs during or after business hours.

For small business, software companies or small and medium-sized businesses in general, OTC Security Camera offers several high-quality surveillance systems available to small businesses, which are designed to provide greater protection for their products.

How to Install Security Cameras in Small Businesses

Did you know that a surveillance system does not demand high infrastructure investments? An IP network, present in most businesses, can be used as a basis for installing security cameras in small and medium-sized businesses. The camera points are installed as if they were new network points, and it is not necessary to connect the equipment to the electrical network.

This is because the cameras are powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet), a technology that enables the transmission of electricity and data to the device, through the same network cable (the standard twisted pair cable, usually blue). Thus, the investment would be only in the acquisition of cameras, whose simpler models already have high definition images and visualization in the dark.

For small establishments, such as a Mall store, the installation of three to five cameras is enough. Critical areas are cash, the main customer circulation area (where products are displayed) and inventory.

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It is still possible to count people entering and leaving the store and set alarms directly on the camera, so that it automatically generates emails when detecting movements outside of working hours.

Where to save recorded images

One way to store security camera images in small businesses is on the device itself – this saves the investment in a dedicated server to archive the images. The most modern devices support an SD card that stores up to 64GB, which corresponds to approximately 20-30 days of monitoring. That’s because it records only the scenes in which there is movement.

The system also allows the business owner to view the images from their mobile devices (smartphone or tablet) or from their computer, either in the store or connected remotely.

Complete Systems for Small Businesses

In a security system project, the ideal is to start planning considering the complete solution. Therefore, the correct dimensioning of the IP cameras, recording system, NVR, backup, image replication, remote access, etc. is necessary. The important thing, besides the correct dimensioning of the IP Cameras, is the workflow of how everything the system will work.

The people involved should have access to the cameras relevant to each other’s function, as well as the locks for people who can see only a few cameras. The correct orientation and development of the project by qualified professionals can determine the result of a security system, whether it will be very successful or just an innocuous expense.

Another factor that must be considered is the expansion of the system that will be initially installed. Such expansion should cover all aspects: number of IP cameras, licenses for recording, camera resolution, recording time, number of frames per second and storage space.

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