Critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructure

Always protected

Integrated protection for intrusion, operations and personnel

Intrusion, interruption, injury. These are the main threats to productivity, profitability, and employee welfare across your site. OTC critical infrastructure solutions enable you to address all three comprehensively and cost-effectively, with a single integrated system.

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At OTC Security camera solution, you can safeguard your whole site – from perimeter to critical core. Detect, verify, deter, identify, and track intruders via visual, thermal and radar imaging combined with audio capabilities and access control. Monitor multiple sites from a single central control room.



Monitor critical operations and processes with remote visual verification of readings from gauges and sensors across your sites. If an issue arises, you can send in the right person to deal with the incident or provide remote assistance via audio devices. What’s more, built-in intelligence allows you to collect data to identify longer term trends and predict and plan maintenance.

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Health & safety

With an OTC surveillance system keeping a watchful eye on your site, you can also improve the health and safety of employees. Ensure the correct use of personal protection equipment like hard hats and manage and assist with incidents such as emergency evacuations in a more agile way.

Understand what IP CCTV and why you should be using this technology

When it comes to security systems, image monitoring is one of the most sought-after technologies by companies and condominiums, where there are several critical points that must be monitored carefully.

For a long time, analog systems were used, which allowed the recording of images, however, with dubious quality, due to the technology limitations of the time. Now, the most modern is IP CCTV technology.

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What is and how IP CCTV works

IP CCTV is a technology that sends monitored images digitally, preserving the quality of the images when they arrive at the server. It is possible to record images in high resolution, such as HDTV.

For those who need constant image monitoring, it is an excellent way to have no doubts about what is being recorded. Whether day or night, you can see in detail what is happening.

The CCTV image monitoring system is assembled according to the customer’s needs, adding the number of cameras necessary for its operation. The only limiting factor is the server’s ability to receive and store images, which can be easily resolved with the use of virtual and expandable servers.

The energy that supplies the cameras is provided by data cables, eliminating electrical infrastructure and enabling a better distribution of equipment throughout the location to be monitored.

Why invest in IP CCTV

The first argument for you to invest in image monitoring with IP CCTV systems is due to the technology available and the images quality captured, after all, the purpose of monitoring is to know exactly what is going on in your property. But there are other advantages, see:


The cameras can be connected by cable, fiber optics, radio or Wi-Fi, without compromising the quality of the images, since they are transmitted digitally. This gives more freedom for your company or condominium to choose the best way to install the security system and operate it.


There are several types of cameras on the market to be used with this technology, with a minimum resolution of 1 megapixel. However, there are already cameras with a resolution of 10 megapixels, making their monitoring practically a cinema film.


Power is provided by data cable, using the POE Switch, saving resources with the installation of electrical infrastructure.


With IP CCTV technology, it is possible to set up several monitoring centers, integrating them in order to build a true intelligence center for your company. In addition, any computer that is connected to the network can become an operating station, making it easy to access images from anywhere.


It is interesting how IP CCTV works. With this technology you can also count on data analysis, such as repetitive behaviors, face identification, speeding, plate reading and verification, among others.

It is a very complete security system, which brings to your company an additional guarantee that there will be no problems with invasions, thefts, and any other event that may disturb the routine of your business.

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