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Video surveillance is a great security solution for government buildings, facilities and operations. Installing a system of video surveillance system can enhance your existing security systems or help start a comprehensive security solution that can keep your building, employees and records safe.

National and Federal Government uses of Video Surveillance

Government uses of security cameras can span many different uses. Aside from establishing a secure environment at government buildings and facilities, security cameras can be used to provide temporary security at government-sponsored events like speeches, inaugural balls, and parades. In fact, one of the first uses of CCTV cameras was by the UK government in the early 1960s – surveillance cameras were set up in public areas to monitor crowds during public events featuring foreign dignitaries. With concerns about terrorism and assassinations at an all-time high, cameras with advanced features like video analytics can help prevent disaster.

We are no stranger to government security and offer a comprehensive suite of services specifically tailored to this sector such as detailed site evaluations, camera demos, system configuration, installation support, and virtual integration. Below are some of the benefits of opting for government surveillance:

  • Scalable systems can be expanded as needed
  • Flexible IP security allows mobile and remote viewing
  • Prevents theft and vandalism
  • Ensures utmost public safety
  • Deters criminals from committing crimes
  • Minimizes daily security threats
  • Reduces liability


As a form of protection, many people choose to install security cameras, which serve not only to protect commercial environments, such as offices and stores. The security cameras installation is also recommended for homes, used in outdoor and indoor areas.

This type of service is more and more common, and the demand has been increasing more and more. The idea of ​​having a safe and protected place draws a lot of attention from the consumer, which is why OTC Security Cameras Installation offers a qualified service for the sale, installation and maintenance of safety equipment, with a guarantee of one year after installation, giving greater comfort to the client.

As a differential, the company works by building a project specific to the customer’s needs, evaluating the structure and everything that will be necessary for the cameras to be installed on site. In addition, OTC Security Cameras Installation has specialized professionals, so the service can be performed quickly, with attention to the details that this type of operation requires.

Challenges in managing a city intelligently

Thinking of territorial coverage, the government itself makes it impossible to implement and maintain a sensing environment through logistics, or the high cost and complexity in the distributed administration of small sensors and equipment used for surveillance system. For this reason, a project to integrate security cameras from institutions ends up being considered by the public administration for benefits that are processed by an order and also in return given by the private sector, without increasing its planned public monitoring and evaluation capacity. greater efficiency for social protection.


The company’s flagship is the installation of cameras, extending this service also to the maintenance of the network and resale of equipment. The procedure is open to residences, both for condominiums of buildings and houses, as well as for individual properties; also applied in the commercial sector, from small to large.

If the installation needs to be done in ready-made locations, such as buildings, OTC Security Cameras Installation needs to make the infrastructure of the environment, creating new pipes so that the equipment cables are passed inside the elevator pit, for example.

In some cases, there is also a need to install the conduit outdoors. That is why the company works with the best professionals and renowned brands for this security sector.

However, the service is also performed in properties under construction, always using the example of the buildings. For this procedure, the installation time for security cameras is much shorter, but a high level of quality is required by the construction company, both equipment to be used and of the technicians who will carry out the operation.

The prices worked for this type of service are extremely competitive, which highlights OTC Security Cameras in the market. As it works with brands that are leaders in the sector, bringing the differential of the resale of this equipment, it can bring great quality in the service at a price below the competition.

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