Complete installation package


Turnkey is the complete installation, including all equipment and labor for your new security camera system.

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Complete Installation Package

Is the complete system and will include everything necessary for the security camera installation. Above all, with the perfect balance of price and quality of equipment we are sure you will be satisfied with your new security camera system. Our surveillance equipment is all in high definition and range from 1080p to 4k depending on the customers necessity and/or liking.

Based on the number of cameras chosen, you will have certain days of recording. This can range from 7-20(average only, not exact) days of recording time. Your new security camera system will come with free warranty for one year. Our technicians will make sure to professionally install the security system. Hiding all wiring, adjusting every angle to your liking. We will give you training upon completion and connect your desired mobile devices to your security cameras.

  • Pricing is for structural installation on property only. Any trenching or piping is additional and will be evaluated at time of installation for readjustment.

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Additional information

Type of House

1 Story, 2 Story, 3+ Story, Manufactured housing

Type of Cameras

1080P Wide Angle HD Camera, 2K Wide Angle UHD Camera, 4K Ultra High Definition Camera

How Many Cameras

01 Camera, 02 Cameras, 03 Cameras, 04 Cameras, 05 Cameras, 06 Cameras, 07 Cameras, 08 Cameras, 09 Cameras, 10 Cameras, 11 Cameras, 12 Cameras, 13 Cameras, 14 Cameras, 15 Cameras, 16 Cameras


1 Year – Free, 2 Years, 3 Years