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06 Reasons to Install Office Security Camera System

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There are a few ways to protect your assets, one of them is to install security cameras. In some offices or types of businesses, it is essential to have a professional camera monitoring system to protect the company from possible problems due to loss of property or intellectual property.

Your business needs to be protected. A common problem is to suffer some type of litigation process by employees. A security camera system can be decisive in proving whether or not the alleged problem occurred during a lawsuit. We at OTC Security Cameras know exactly how to assist in this process by installing cameras as permitted.

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The common areas of an office, including its reception, may be vulnerable to actions that could harm the company or its employees. It is very important to have professional cameras recording with quality so that any occurrences can be analyzed / investigated and also shared with local authorities.

Some types of businesses can be targeted more by criminals. A system of security cameras will inhibit the actions of criminals bringing more security to the company and its employees and can also help the police in case of occurrence.

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After working hours, your business can be vulnerable. In addition to alarm systems, it is essential to have security cameras connected to your smartphone and be able to access them from anywhere in the world. Our cameras can send alerts by motion, crossing a security line, by facial recognition and other ways.

With a professional security camera system installed by OTC Security Cameras, you will be able to retrieve images from several days ago for possible analysis. We can provide storage solutions for as many days, months or years as you like for your business.

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Office Security Cameras

The benefits of office security cameras are many, but the installation process itself is often a difficult and time-consuming task. There are many options available to businesses that may make the decision to install an office surveillance system.

Installation is often completed by security professionals or security companies that specialize in this installation. Video surveillance systems are often found at many commercial and government facilities around the country.

Video Surveillance – A visible surveillance system acts as a visible crime deterrent. When a potential criminal realises they are being watched, they are likely to quickly change their mind about committing a crime.

On-site surveillance actively watching live video footage on-site can quickly respond to crime and theft in your office space. This type of system can be installed on any size of office space, from one to hundreds of feet of area. OTC security cameras that are installed on-site will also protect your staff and customers from stolen wallets, purses, and other items that could be easily replaced.

Audio/visual Surveillance – Audio and visual surveillance systems are designed to record crimes occurring in and around your office space. If a thief comes into your office, a video recording can be played on a monitor for you to view. You can then take action and prevent the theft from continuing.

Audio surveillance systems are more discreet and can be placed throughout your office to keep your staff and customers aware of any activity. This option is often preferred because it can be activated when there is a threat of theft, and not only when cameras have been strategically placed throughout your premises.

Security Camera Systems – There are literally dozens of different types of surveillance cameras available for installation throughout your office. From dome cameras that are mounted on poles, to hidden, hard-wired cameras, to IP (Internet Protocol) cameras that transmit their video footage over the Internet to a remote location, there are dozens of options to choose from. Some of these security cameras also offer night vision, infrared night vision, or facial recognition technology.

Security companies can customize all of the features they offer to fit your needs and budget.

Hidden Office Security Cameras – Most people are shocked to learn that there are companies out there that offer completely wireless office cameras that can be hidden virtually anywhere. These hidden units can then be concealed in everyday objects such as books, magazines, or office chairs.

The images from the camera can be transmitted directly to a remote monitor that is connected to a TV or VCR. These cameras are perfect for retail and office complexes, because they can monitor multiple areas without having to worry about passersby seeing them. You can also place one of these units near the cashier and receptionist areas, or even in the break room. The images from these hidden cameras will not be visible to anyone else in the building, which makes them ideal for businesses.

Audio Recording and Monitors – Perhaps the most popular type of office security cameras available are audio recording and monitoring systems. These types of cameras allow you to have a monitor that not only monitors for possible criminal activity, but will also allow you to hear everything that is going on, even when no one is around. If a theft occurs, but the employee is unaware of it, an audio recording system will allow you to hear the criminal entering and leaving the office. You will be able to hear every single word that are being spoken, as well as any other sounds that may be associated with the theft.

Many people choose office security cameras and security monitoring systems because they can be used anywhere in the world, with any type of camera or monitor, and without having to carry a bulky piece of equipment. The monitor that is connected to your security system will be sent anywhere you wish to view the images.

It is important that you keep in mind, however, that you need to make sure that you can view the images from your office via that monitor. If you are away from your desk, you should be able to view everything that is happening at your desk, as long as you have a computer with an Internet connection.

One of the best places to install office security cameras is at the front door. In many cases, the front door is the only door that an employee will see as they walk into the building. You want to be sure to have a monitor on the front desk so that if anyone tries to open the door, you will be able to view it and tell them to leave without giving them the chance to enter.

In addition to having a monitoring system, you should also have a camera on the front door to discourage any potential burglars. These are some of the best places to install security cameras in office buildings.

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