When it comes to choosing the right home security company there are many things to consider. A good company will be able to offer more than just a good alarm system. There are many options to choose from that offer a full security system in addition to security alarms. This can make your home less of a target for break-ins, especially if you live alone or rent. Here are some of the options available to you:

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SimpliSafe: For Easy Installation SimpliSafe offers an easy to use, no-obligation option for easy installation of their home alarm system. It seamlessly integrates with various other smart home devices and is very easy to install yourself on your own. SimpliSafe is perfect for renters as installation does not require you to break walls or open doors. This can be an excellent way to save money on your home alarm system. Some home security companies offer free consultation with their services.

ADT Home Security: Low Cost With a low price tag, most home security companies offer a money-back guarantee. This is standard practice. If you are unsatisfied with the service you receive in a certain period of time you can return the product and get your money back. If you decide after you’ve had the trial period that you’re happy with the service of a specific alarm company, you have the option to purchase the home security system with the company’s agreement. This is usually the best way to go about signing up for the system with a particular company.

Motion Detectors: The average homeowner’s idea of a home security companies monitoring service is a company that monitors for possible intruders with its sophisticated monitoring system. There are many home security companies that offer more basic packages. Most packages include basic monitoring equipment such as sensors for the doors and windows as well as an integrated burglar alarm. Other packages add additional features like smoke detection systems and carbon monoxide detection systems. More advanced packages include cameras, video monitoring, and other technologies that help monitor your property at all times. These are usually offered by alarm manufacturers and installers.

Self-Monitored Home Security: Many homeowners prefer to have their homes monitored instead of having an alarm company monitor their facility. This is mainly because self-monitored systems cost less than monitoring systems. A self-monitored system gives homeowners a feeling of being in control of their facility. It gives them peace of mind that if someone does break in they will know right away. You’ll also have more peace of mind knowing that you have a better chance of catching a criminal than someone who is just sitting back watching their schedule. Many times a family will feel safer when their home is monitored than when they’re home.

Long-Term and Short-Term Options Many homeowners go with a short-term plan to protect their home against a few bad nights. These might include motion sensors to sound an alarm if someone enters the home while the family is gone for the night. Many home security providers offer long-term plans that will provide protection for as long as you want it.

Trial Periods Many home security companies will allow you to try out their services free of charge. You can simply set up a trial period to test out their system. If you’re not happy with the service, you can cancel the trial period at any time. However, many companies offer a smart home automation feature that can be completely integrated into the home security system. This means that all your security equipment and devices are automatically installed once you sign up for the service.

Service Plans Many providers also offer varying service plans that can protect your home for different periods of time. Some basic packages include automatic activation of the home security system once movement is detected. Other packages include smart home integration so that motion sensors can be set to different areas of the house, depending on the area where you live. Your service company can help you find the best option to fit your needs.