Analog, IP, Or HD Security Cameras? 4/6

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One of the main advantages of IP cameras over analog options is precisely the image quality. Today, IP cameras already provide HD images and even higher resolutions like 4K.
The high resolution makes it possible to zoom the image without loss of quality for recognizing faces, signs, etc. But today, there is still a third option: HD cameras. These cameras have HD image quality and can use analog systems and cabling, such as HDTVI, HDCVI and AHD cameras. The resolution quality of the cameras themselves is important, but it is not all that needs to be analyzed. The entire CCTV system interferes with the final quality of the images, especially the cabling.

If you have an IP system, you will have no problems with loss of image quality. This is because it is a digital signal that does not suffer loss during its transmission. Now, if you have an analog system, you will have to take some precautions so that the quality of your image is not compromised in the transmission process. The greater the distance that the analog signal has to travel via coaxial cable, the greater the interference and loss of quality. Therefore, analog cameras are no longer recommended for very large security operations. The cables must also be kept in good condition, as defects in their mesh can also cause interference in the images. Many people choose to buy low quality coaxial cables in order to reduce project costs, but this can end up compromising the images and not being worth it. It is also good to know that if you are operating an analog CCTV system, the images will reach your DVR and monitor in real time, without any delay. IP systems have a small delay.

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Analog, IP, or HD security cameras? 4/6