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The System: Before we talk about cameras themselves, let’s start by talking about the entire CCTV system. It is important to understand that, when choosing a type of camera, you necessarily choose a certain type of system with different technology, cables, equipment and possibilities. Analog cameras, transmit the images through coaxial cables to AV inputs. You can choose to connect the camera directly to a monitor, but if you want to record the images, you will need to connect them first to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) device. An analog camera will always need two cables connected to it, the coaxial cable for transmitting images and the other for power supply.

IP cameras are digital equipment that works on a network system, such as LAN, Intranet or Internet. In a simplified way, an IP camera is like a computer, which can receive and send data over the network, following the great worldwide trend of IoT – Internet of Things. The IP network is much more flexible than the analog and you can manage the images on an NVR device, computer or even in the cloud. IP cameras need only a network cable, which already travels data and feeds the cameras power. It is also possible to access the camera via wi-fi.

Analog, IP, or HD security cameras? 2/6

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