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Several companies and governments have been looking for ways to detect potential infected with the new coronavirus. OTC Security Cameras Installation now claims that its Fever Detection System can find around 1,000 suspicious cases per hour. The system has cameras, Artificial Intelligence and a very accurate thermometer to find possible infected with Covid-19.

The system has many benefits. It is very fast, does not need any contact and can assess a person in a crowd and autonomously. According to OTC, the mechanism calibrates itself automatically and has an accuracy of 0.4 degrees Celsius. In addition, it is able to measure the temperature of several people simultaneously.

Make a control in three steps.

  1. Monitor your customers individually at a distance by passing the screening checkpoints of the desired location for control.
  2. The system will alert in a splint or with audible alarms when a person exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8 degrees Celsius) of body temperature.
  3. People with body temperatures higher than the norm should be referred for analysis by a health professional.

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Types of Thermal Cameras

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Thermal Cameras with PTZ have 3 functions: 
P = “Pan” – Horizontal movement (panoramic)
T = “Tilt” – Vertical movement
Z = “Zoom” – Capacity to move of lens to see closer image

Speed Dome

Thermal cameras with 360º movement capability including 12x to 36x zoom

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Thermal cameras are ideal to be installed on poles or walls without position variation. Can also be used to control entrance and exit

Handheld Thermography Camera


Thermography – detects real-time temperature and displays it on the screen,
Storage – replaceable memory card that stores captured screenshots and important data,
Fusion – displays a fusion of thermal and optical input

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Temperature Measurement System is effective in combating Covid-19

Employee safety amid the Coronavirus crisis

In the midst of the current scenario, it is of paramount importance to take some steps to prevent the mass contagion of Covid-19. Taking into account that many companies did not adhere to quarantine for different reasons, we need to think about solutions so that even the people who continue to work can be protected from possible contamination. Therefore, we will present here an extremely useful system to take care of the protection and health of your team.

Precise system for the protection of the entire team

OTC provides the best precision equipment for Body Temperature Measurement on the market. In general, these equipment have a hybrid thermal camera, precision measurement equipment, and an intelligent video recorder. With this equipment it is possible to measure the temperature of a group of people simultaneously and accurately, and it can also identify the identity of the employee who has a fever, preventing later that he can contaminate a larger group of people with Coronavirus, or even flu.

Functions available on equipment

Hybrid Thermal Camera: It is a thermal camera that has advanced video intelligence functions. It has the ability to measure temperature of moving bodies quickly and with good accuracy, making it easier to identify the temperature of people, vehicles or materials on production conveyors. It can autonomously generate intelligent alerts and automate alarms and alerts by temperature or fire. It already comes with a thermal sensor with high resolution, which has a temperature accuracy of ± 1º C.

Intelligent Recorder: It is a high capacity intelligent recorder with embedded facial recognition and the ability to communicate with thermal cameras. This equipment is compatible with the video intelligences of the cameras, people counting, heat map, among others, facilitating the monitoring and delivering more information about the environment. In addition, it is capable of performing facial recognition. The recorder also has a forensic search function, which identifies the person’s characteristics such as gender, age, facial expression, type and color of clothing, among others. It also has artificial intelligence, which detects people and vehicles that cross a line.

Central System: It is flexible, scalable, highly reliable and powerful central management system. With a client-server architecture that integrates with multiple surveillance systems, the Central System provides centralized management, information sharing, convenient connection and multi-service cooperation. It can provide user permission management, device management, alarm management, central storage, video wall, map and other advanced features, such as People Counting, BI Analysis, Facial Recognition, Thermal, among others.

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