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Self Installation Vs Professional Installation – Which Is Better?

You’ve finally made the decision to install a security system in your home. While it’s nice to know that you’ve taken all of the right steps to protect yourself and your family from harm, there are still things that you need to consider before the big day arrives. Don’t wait until you hear something breaking or hear a bang outside your house – it’s too late by that time to be putting up a security system. Before you put down any cash for a potential security system provider, take the time to consider these four key points:

What security solutions does the company offer? Some people will say that they will provide you with a free security system installation, but that’s not always the safest option. Often, they hire the least expensive bidder at your local security system installation shop and entrust that person with your most personal and valuable assets. The security system installation may not be free, but it’s certainly the least expensive way that you can go. After all, the company has to recoup its investment, and if you’re putting down money for security solutions, that money has to come from somewhere. Don’t put it all on your own shoulders.

Who will be doing the installation? If you’re putting in a new system, it’s critical that you get it done by a professional that you trust. This is especially true if you’re installing a new alarm system in an apartment building, where it could be the builder’s responsibility. When installing a DIY system, however, don’t overlook the possibility of hiring a technician from the very start. While it can’t promise a lifetime of working with a particular technician, it can ensure that the technician you choose knows the ins and outs of both DIY and commercial security systems.

If you do decide to install a security system yourself, the question remains…who should be doing the professional installation? The three main groups of qualified technicians who are experienced in installing both residential and commercial security systems are: alarm installers, wireless system installers, and professional installation specialists. Each of these groups has its strengths, its weaknesses, and a list of recommended professionals to call on when you need help.

Alarm installers are certified professionals who install wireless home security systems, camera systems, and access control systems. They are skilled at locating entry points into buildings or homes, and they know where to install the cameras and monitors in order to best protect your loved ones. Alarm installers are highly trained professionals, and are the ideal choice for professional installation. Their expertise and certification mean that your monitored home or business will be safe and secure.

Wireless system installers are also certified professionals. They are skilled at installing wireless home security systems, cameras, and access control systems. In addition to their extensive knowledge of the equipment they are installing, most wireless system installers have years of experience. This experience gives them the advantage of working with your security system company to design a plan of security that is right for your family and your needs. While a professional installation is more likely to cost more than a DIY installation, the advantages of a professional installer to make up for the extra price.

Professional installation companies are not all created equally, however. If you have any doubts about which professional service you should use or if you are unsure about the security systems and monitoring services offered by a particular company, it is important to shop around before making a selection. Customer service, after all, is one of the most important elements of selecting any service, and it is just as important when choosing security solutions. Most alarm systems and monitoring companies offer free installation and a twenty-four hour monitoring staff with which to answer your questions and to resolve any problems you may have as quickly as possible. Professional installation and customer service should be an important part of any security system installation package.

Home alarm systems and monitoring services are no longer optional for homeowners. With the many options and technologies available today, there are several reasons to consider professional installation whenever replacing existing security systems or adding new security systems to your property. Customer service, professionalism, and excellent installation are just a few of the reasons that you should always choose a professional installation over self-installation.