Lorex Security System is a home surveillance and monitoring service that offer the best value for your money. The various stand-out features include wireless connectivity, hardwired Ethernet port, easy to use interface, IP and MAC address filtering, round the clock monitoring, and numerous other add-ons. All these are packaged in an affordable and convenient design. You get high-definition quality at an affordable price. The various packages also include a remote control, which helps you to monitor your home when you cannot be there.

One of the stand-out features of this home monitoring security system is its wireless connectivity. You can connect the system to your existing cabling or use the built-in WAN or Wi-Fi cameras. You can also monitor the wireless cameras from other remote locations. You can easily add this wireless security system with the help of a wireless router or cellular router.

This wireless home security camera system comes with a complete hardware bundle. It includes the monitor software, wireless cameras, remote control, battery charger and wall mount for the monitor. The software gives you several features like recording video, controlling other computer programs, controlling the remotely controlled camera and many more. The complete hardware bundle is very user friendly and simple to operate.

You can use the camera to monitor traffic, identify unidentified people, and you can also use it as a video recorder. The software allows you to control the security cameras remotely and you can set them up to work on a specific time schedule. For controlling the monitor from a remote location, you need to have a modem connection and internet service. You can streamline communication between the control panel and local storage to cut down on the power consumption of your home security cameras.

Another feature that you must consider while buying this monitor is the high definition camera system. It offers a clearer picture with improved contrast and color resolution. The lens of this monitor is also capable of providing crystal clear images and clear night vision. The two most important aspects while choosing an HDTV security camera system are its picture and sound quality.

The Lorex Home Security Camera System comes with two-way audio and video. It has a two-way audio system with audio transmitters that can be controlled by a remote. It also has two-way video with digital video recorder (DVR). You can watch live or recorded videos using a remote. The stand-out features include the two-way audio and video with color night vision.

The stand-out features include the high definition camera system, the one-touch remote control, the easy to operate controls, and the crystal clear night vision. The one-touch remote control is very useful as you do not have to go out of the house to use it. The remote also works with all televisions except the CRT ones. If you have a big screen TV with the ease of operation of the one-touch remote control is a great advantage.

The pricing of the Lorex Security System starts from just over forty dollars for the basic system and goes up to over one hundred and forty dollars for the advanced system. It has a warranty and the cameras are covered by the warranty. There is no need to pay for installation of the security system. It can be installed at the customer’s convenience. There are many online stores that offer discounts and offers on this product. It is a good idea to shop around before making a purchase.

The main feature of the Lorex Security System is its security monitoring. This feature allows a person to monitor their property twenty-four hours a day, six days a week. The cameras have the ability to pan and zoom, which are an important feature to most security systems.

The other major feature of this product is the one hundred foot wire barrier. This helps to protect the customers’ cameras from someone who may decide to break into the building. Most burglars have a plan to get inside the building and are aware of the wiring that is in place. With a camera as part of the system the one hundred foot wire barrier is effective in discouraging criminals from breaking in.

Some of the other features of the Lorex Security System include wireless remote control, smoke and fire, and carbon monoxide detectors. It also includes the installation of an audio alarm. The customers’ live chat and phone number are displayed on the monitor screen. The wireless remote control feature allows the owner to monitor their home and business even from a distance.