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Security IP Camera Systems for Condominiums, Buildings and Homes

Security in our home is the greatest virtue that one can have today. Condominiums and Buildings have many residences, which can have a high turnover of residents due to changes, where occasionally the neighbors themselves may become strangers to each other. In cases like these, the risks of theft and vandalism can be high, a properly designed system of IP security cameras can foster a safe living environment for all residents.

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IP Security System Benefits

Easy to Install – IP cameras are easy to install, and unlike the old analog camera systems, you can choose where to place them and configure them according to each need – without many restrictions, stairs or necessary power tools.

Safer Public Places – Security systems make it easier to keep residents safe. A camera mounted at the entrance to the Condominium can prevent intruders from invading a public area of the Condominium and can discourage violence as well as other crimes that occur in the common areas of a Complexes.

High resolution images with IP cameras – Security and monitoring systems based on IP cameras offer, among other benefits, high resolution images in addition to features such as Internet viewing and pan, tilt and zoom movement.

Check recorded images at any time – A network of IP cameras managed by a OTC NVR (Network Video Recorder) allows images from security IP cameras to be transmitted over the internet. It is possible to check everything that is happening and even access the recorded images, from anywhere and at any time, as long as the user is registered and with access granted.

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Security Cameras in Condominiums (HOA) – Risks

Condominiums (HOA) can vary dramatically in type, social level and size, require different types and levels of security for the best protection of their residents. Consider some factors when developing a security system with IP cameras:

Privacy within Condominiums – IP security cameras should only be installed in public areas, such as entrances, parking lots and laundries to protect the privacy of residents.

Vandalism – Since so many people enter and leave the condominium every day, it is possible that vandals go unnoticed and damage areas of the condominium or even the system’s cameras.

Electrical Power Outages – Power outages, disturbances and surges can cause interruptions or damage to the security IP camera system. Although these problems happen with low frequency, when they occur, they can cause great damage to the condominiums.

External Cameras – IP security cameras installed in outdoor areas such as car parks, swimming pools and patios, if not suitable for outdoor use can be easily damaged due to the incidence of rain, wind and bad weather.

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Recommendations for installation for security IP camera systems in condominiums

  • Place cameras in public areas, such as parking lots, building entrances, post offices and laundry areas.
  • IP cameras allow expansion or repositioning of the system easily, to meet all needs
  • Cameras for outdoor use or enclosures must be placed on cameras to be installed outdoors
  • Place cameras in administrative areas, especially if some bills are paid on the spot

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