The Locus Camera by Imagination Communication is an infrared night vision camera. It’s part of the Rokkaku line of spy and video surveillance cameras. It features an easy to operate two-way audio and video interface with a full QWERTY keypad. It has a built in battery that powers it during operation. It also comes with a thirty-eight volt rechargeable power supply. Other key features include:

Night Vision – The best feature of the Locus Camera by Imagination Communication is its night vision capability. With this amazing technology, a homeowner or business can protect their home and property. These cameras make use of a combination of IR LED and motion detection. The result is a twenty-eight megapixel digital camera that can capture clear images at night. It is also fully programmable and has a high level of memory storage. It can be connected to a smart home integration solution for complete monitoring and security system integration.

Cloud Storage – The Locus Camera by Imagination Communication allows one-time recording of any motion detection camera image. It can be easily transferred to an iPhone, iPad, or Windows Mobile phone. At any time, the user can retrieve their images from any location through the internet. There is no need to download and install any software on the mobile device. One time recordings can be uploaded to secure online cloud storage.

High Quality Image and Audio – The Locus Camera by Imagination Communication can provide an incredible image quality and high-quality audio recording. For those who may live in areas where there is poor or intermittent lighting, the camera has a built in bright-light mode. For those who may live in areas where natural light is not available, the camera has a low-light mode that offers excellent night imaging. In addition, the camera has both digital and analog video capabilities and is capable of recording motion and video as well as providing an automatic image stabilization during playback.

Advanced Video and Audio Features – The Locus Camera by Imagination Communication allow users to integrate their devices with their home automation and security needs. A variety of functions allow the camera to interface with various home automation and security needs. The camera is capable of setting off motion detection and receiving notification of any motion detected within a certain range. If a user wishes to control the camera remotely, they can do so with a simple wireless connection.

Self Shots – Locus cameras offer a number of motion detection options, which are available for use with ifttt technology. Users can choose to use single or two cameras, and even adjust the range of detection and intensity. Two cameras offer the ability to view a scene more than once, if desired. In addition, users can set up to three cameras at one time, if desired. The two primary types of motion detection, on-off and pause, are both supported by the Lorex line of products. Customers in need of other smart home integration capabilities can purchase additional accessories, which can be found at any of the company’s online stores.

App Capabilities – The camera is compatible with a number of popular third-party applications and device management solutions. One such application, named iHome Security, gives customers the ability to manage their home remotely through the internet. Other features supported by the Lorex line include: iControl Pro, iControl Home Security, iControl Smart Home Security, iControl Doorphone, iControl DSC Ready, iControl Digital Voice Recorder, iControl Smart Smoke and Security Cameras. Each of these devices and additional apps offer additional features, while improving on the functionality of the Lorex camera itself.

This is just a few examples of how the Lorex cameras improve upon itself. For many consumers, there are always new and exciting products to consider. As technology continues to evolve, the quality of devices becomes better and more intuitive, enabling consumers to take better pictures and more efficient videos. When it comes to shopping for a camera, the customer should always look for features that could see them through even the darkest of conditions – this will ensure an excellent night vision experience.