Security Camera Systems Company: Tampa/St. Pete is a security camera company proud to serve all Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater and surrounding regions with over 50 years experience in the installation and maintenance of security camera systems. The company is located in the Tampa Bay area, which is in close proximity to the International Airport and Tampa International Speedway. This is the reason the company is available to provide security monitoring in the areas of Hillsborough, Ovie, Tarpon Springs, Port Tampa, Edmond, Bradenton Beach, Pasco, Deuce Blues, Downtown St. Pete, Edson, New Tampa, University Park and St. Pete Beach. The company offers the installation of security camera systems, digital video recorders, DVR, wireless cameras, GPS tracking systems, computer surveillance, panic button reporting, and much more.

A security camera systems company offers all types of services for residential, business, and government customers. All of the above services are backed by great customer service and the highest quality products. In fact, the company provides a full inventory of all types of security cameras. You will be able to view and choose from an extensive inventory of high resolution, state-of-the-art security cameras. With all these options, you need not worry about what type of security cameras to purchase or install.

Residential Home Security Cameras: There are many kinds of residential home security cameras available today. These include; wired and wireless, hidden, dome, bulge, pan/tilt, lap top, and hidden outdoor cameras. Wireless security systems are great for those who live in an area where electricity can be an issue. Also, wireless security systems are great for businesses that want the peace of mind of knowing their employees are safe and secure. However, wireless security systems are costly and installation can be a hassle. Wired systems are also available, but installing wired security systems is very expensive.

Businesses/Outdoors Businesses: There are different types of businesses that need security cameras for protection. Some of these businesses are open all day, and others only provide protection during certain times of the day. The businesses that provide 24-hour security camera systems are usually seen in large companies, banks, casinos, and other places of business. Some businesses can get just one camera, while others may need several.

Government Offices: There are many government employers who have security products that must be installed in and around public places. The most common items that are used by these government employers are; surveillance cameras, dome cameras, bulletproof vests, and secured guard booths. All of these items can be very expensive, and in some cases, they cannot be installed on private property without additional fees. When you buy from a security camera system company online, you can save your money when buying these items.

Security Camera Systems Dome Cameras: Dormant cameras that are left on premises are targets for criminals. They will target any cameras that are not wired-up with a special network. The security camera system will capture video footage using dome cameras, which are difficult to break into. dome cameras can be hard to see at night, but after darkness, they can easily be seen. Most dome cameras will also have a night vision setting so that even in total darkness, the footage can be seen.

Iris Sensors: If you are purchasing cameras to deter intruders from breaking into a building, you will want to purchase an iris sensor. This device detects light and can trigger an alarm or turn on lights and appliances. Many companies offer various levels of iris sensitivity, which means you can choose the level that is most sensitive to potential intruders. You can also choose to use more than one iris sensor. With many security camera systems, you only need one or two cameras to fully deter potential intruders.

DVRs: Some security cameras are able to record video footage even when the power is turned off. This is great for businesses who want to capture footage without having to worry about the possibility of the power going out. Irregardless of what type of security cameras you decide to purchase, it is important that you train the staff members who will be monitoring the cameras. This is because no matter how vigilant the cameras are, if no one is following the guidelines, the footage will not be recorded. It is essential that everyone on your staff is aware of the camera’s presence and cannot see the video unless they are on the premises. It may take a few days after installing security cameras for this particular feature to become part of everyday business operations.