March 20, 2021

What Are the Enthusiasts Talking About?

Get access to crystal clear 4K video using the Lorex indoor/outdoor spy camera. Made using an infrared light and red siren, you can deter unwanted intruders. This wireless camera has two-way talking so you can see color even in low-light for up to 180 feet. The camera is easy to install with a push of a button, and has a one year limited warranty. It also has a password protection lock, making it difficult for unauthorized users to access your recordings. If you need sound, the earphone plug will allow you to muffle any sounds from outside.

One of the stand-out features include color night vision. The camera system comes with over 16 individually controlled pan tilt and zoom lenses. With a lens color sensor, you can automatically detect the subject and adjust the focus. This allows you to take clear pictures even in total darkness.

The two-way audio system comes with an optional two-year limited warranty and comes with many individual cameras and lenses. The two way audio comes with a microphone that will pick up conversations with even the loudest of noises. The microphones have a high tolerance to noise and have a microphone insert built in to prevent interference from power fluctuations. This gives you perfect sound even in complete darkness.

The final section of the Lorex Security Camera System has some really cool deterrent features. It comes with a dual trigger that makes it possible to remotely activate the LED lights. These LED lights will illuminate when you or anyone else walks within a twenty-foot range of the cameras. Some models come with a motion detector that will activate the cameras upon detection of movement five feet or less from the cameras.

The final section of the Lorex Security Camera System has a couple different options for both motion detection and color night vision. The first option, Color Motion Detection has two settings: Red or Green. While the second option, Color Night Vision has four settings: Green or Red, Middle Blue, Pink and Grey.

One of the stand-out features includes HD Video capture. One of the most popular uses for HD video today is in video surveillance. The Lorex Security Camera System allows you to record high definition video using one of the included HD Video cameras. The included HD Video camera has an option to capture in either Slow Scan or High Scan. The included HD Video camera has an option for auto panning, so you get great panoramic shots of subjects moving through the viewfinder.

The most advanced feature in the Lorex Security Camera System is the optional “VR Window.” The” VR Window “is an upgrade to the standard, single-axis window that can be used with the included “VCR” software to record live or recorded video directly to an SD card. The “VR Window” works with up to two separate lenses, so the range of motion captured by the two cameras is greater. This is an excellent feature for professional monitoring cameras that need to pan and zoom for tighter images. The included SD card can support HD video at up to 1080p resolution.

In addition to the great features discussed above, the Lorex Security Camera System also offers a couple of deterring features. Theory and the Eye Tracking reduce the possibility of accidental recording by making sure only one person is at the controls of the cameras at any given time. Also, the optional Smart Block can prevent accidental recording even when multiple cameras are operating simultaneously. With all of these features, the Lorex Security Camera System is a fantastic value for homeowners and businesses who want smart home options with convenience.

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