Security Systems

Security Systems


Security is one of the basic needs of human beings. The Electronic Monitoring service aims to protect homes, offices, commercial establishments and public spaces. The technological solutions of Digital Security – Electronic Surveillance are constantly updated and have the most modern technology.

Electronic security includes technologies such as Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), alarms, electric fences and trackers.

At the present time, the risk of opening the doors without knowledge of the local environment is very great. The increase in the demand for electronic monitoring services is due to the increase in the feeling of insecurity and the reduction in the costs of electronic security systems that were previously intended only for the classes with greater economic power.

Tranquility is the main reason to invest in a security system. There is no value that pays the peace of mind of knowing that your family and property are protected, whether or not someone is in the place. If you have doubts about the importance of investing in this service, check out a selection with 10 reasons to invest in a security system:

  1. Reduction of break-in risk – According to statistics, homes and businesses without electronic security monitoring systems are 3 times more likely to be hacked.
  2. Recurrence – If your home or business has been broken into in the past, the chances of it occurring again are much greater. According to police statistics, if your home or business has already been stolen, the chances of it happening again are greatly increased, especially if the stolen items have been replaced with new ones.
  3. Technology – The Electronic Monitoring service is an effective investment to protect your home or commercial enterprise. According to data from insurance companies, the average loss from home thefts is $ 1,500.00. In addition to material losses, invasions are accompanied by attacks in 38% of cases. Locations equipped with systems and security greatly reduce these losses.
  4. Freedom to come and go – The Electronic Monitoring service contributes to raising the quality of life of the contracting parties, as they allow them to be absent without concern. This means greater freedom to take pleasure and business trips and trips.
  5. Insurance cost reduction – Electronic security systems can reduce the cost of home insurance by up to 30%. Insurance companies usually offer a 20% to 30% discount for environments that have an Electronic Monitoring service.
  6. Agility – If your home or business is in an isolated area, an electronic security system further guarantees the protection of your assets, as well as allowing faster access to emergency services.
  7. Specialized consultancy – There are rooms or environments of public or private establishments that need greater protection, such as offices, cellars, stocks, warehouses and others that must be protected differently. Only a specialized company can give the necessary guidance.
  8. Accident risks – Electronic safety systems can prevent accidents such as carbon monoxide poisoning, a gas released with combustion that can lead to death by suffocation.
  9. Fire risks – The Electronic Monitoring service notifies you and your family about a fire and also the security center. In these situations, time is precious to concentrate and evacuate the place.
  10. Emergencies – With just a touch of the panic button, any member of your family can trigger emergency services.

The technological solutions of OTC Security Camera Installation – CCTV are aimed at providing more protection to all assets that need 24-hour surveillance.

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