Security Cameras for Gas stations and Convenience Stores

Security Cameras for Gas stations and Convenience Stores

These facilities, for many without surveillance, must have 24/7 security systems, which guarantee their correct operation and avoid any type of incident, both day and night. The security systems implementation at gas stations, convenience store, stores and fuel pumps reduce the risk of theft at these facilities, while increasing the well-being of customers and employees.

The video surveillance solution for gas stations from OTC Security Cameras for Gas Stations is completed with a powerful license plate recognition system, which integrated with the video, offers a powerful tool for the integrated management of installation security. This system makes it possible to create and manage white / blacklists, view live and recorded images, conduct searches by number of plates and / or date and time, which allows anticipating possible fraud and avoiding economic losses.

Surveillance camera: how can it guarantee the security of your gas station and convenience store?

They really came to stay and quickly became great allies for entrepreneurs. Security cameras every day fulfill their role of monitoring and recording what happens within range.

Its use offers explicit advantages; however, some precautions must be taken before its acquisition in order to make the most appropriate choice. For this, knowing this equipment is essential in this decision.

Continue reading this post and find out how the surveillance camera can guarantee the safety of your gas station convenience store!

What are the advantages of security cameras at the gas station?

When installed, maintained and operated in proper conditions, a security camera system offers significant benefits to the gas station. Although new models can offer one or another differential advantage, the main benefits are:

  • inhibition of criminal intentions by the physical presence of cameras and local environmental warnings in permanent filming.
  • customer satisfaction with the safest environment.
  • visualization and real-time monitoring of the different situations and environments captured by the security cameras.
  • storage of images for registration and later use for administrative or investigative purposes when crimes occur, such as robberies.
  • In this way, the surveillance camera is an instrument allied with the entrepreneur in the effort to ensure necessary and permanent surveillance at the post.

Security Cameras for Gas Stations

Gas station surveillance cameras have been around for at least two decades. They are found outside the gas station, with a wide view of the entire gas supply area. In recent years, they were of low quality and had limited recording time, which made them very ineffective. However, the truth is that technology has come a long way and the cameras that monitor the entire gas station are much more advanced.

A major change is that gas stations are no longer just monitoring the fueling area when they are doing surveillance. They are monitoring within convenience stores as well. The truth is that most gas station robberies take place at the store, and gas station owners are beginning to realize this.

With a simple surveillance system for cameras and digital video recorders, gas station owners can get clear photos of those in the store and know if something bad is about to happen.

Surveillance is the key to helping a gas station keep its merchandise, keep its employees safe and ensure that people do not think they can get gas for free.

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Security Cameras for Gas stations and Convenience Stores