April 7, 2020

Security Cameras for Gas Stations

Security Cameras for Gas stations and Convenience Stores


Security Cameras for Gas stations and Convenience Stores

Gas Station and Convenience Store

These facilities, for many without surveillance, must have 24/7 security systems, which guarantee their correct operation and avoid any type of incident, both day and night. The security systems implementation at gas stationsconvenience store, stores and fuel pumps reduce the risk of theft at these facilities, while increasing the well-being of customers and employees.

The video surveillance solution for gas stations from OTC Security Camera is completed with a powerful license plate recognition system, which integrated with the video, offers a powerful tool for the integrated management of installation security. This system makes it possible to create and manage white / blacklists, view live and recorded images, conduct searches by number of plates and / or date and time, which allows anticipating possible fraud and avoiding economic losses.

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