December 17, 2020

Security Camera Installers Near Me – Part II

The question of whether or not I should install security systems or cameras in my home or business has been bugging me for a while now. I am not sure what prompted me to seek out this advice, but it has definitely made me feel better about living in this twenty-first century and having more control over the way my home or business is protected. The fact that many property owners and business owners are choosing to install video surveillance systems or cameras in their homes or businesses is pretty exciting to say the least. That is until you consider the consequences of being caught on video.

If you have lived in Orlando for any amount of time you know how serious a city security camera presence can be. I recently saw a report on Fox News that was all about the dangers of installing or using fake security cameras around your property. I am no expert on security cameras and have no idea why anyone would want to make fake or sub-standard cameras available for the general public. However, considering the fact that the Orlando Police Department and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office have both stated that they do not believe the use of fake cameras in the general public is warranted is somewhat surprising.

In order to be safe rather than sorry, I decided to invest in a couple of high quality surveillance cameras myself. I recently installed two digital cameras that I discovered on eBay. The first camera was considerably more expensive than the other but, since it was going to be used for outdoor surveillance, I figured it was worth the extra money. On the day of installation, I was impressed with how easily the digital camera units slid into position. They fit easily into the area where there is a clear view of the sky and road.

Before I bought the surveillance camera units, I contacted an experienced electrical and a licensed electrician to see if he could help with the installation. He told me that he could not because the wiring to the security cameras was in an area that is too high. Since I live in an apartment building, I only needed a short circuit installed near the building so that I could use the cameras without having the wires jumbled up in the middle of the parking lot. Since I live in an apartment building, I did not want to have to run the wiring throughout the building. He also told me that he could not install the cameras without the permission of the property owner because the building had a security system.

After I received the OK from the electrician, I purchased some wire from the local Home Depot to run the wires for the cameras. Once I had the wire, I went back to the security camera company near me to purchase the wireless components. I was told that they could not offer the wired security camera systems because the wiring was too high. Apparently, the local security companies were not concerned with how high the wires were because they already had the exact lengths that I needed.

I then bought some additional wired security cameras from the same Home Depot. After installation, I watched the response time to the cameras. The response time was faster than the response time from the wireless cameras because the response time for the wired security camera companies near me were all taped into the system. Since I live in an apartment building, this made a big difference.

When I was in Orlando, Florida, I had two break-ins take place in my neighbor’s garage. After the police arrived, they took the evidence and notified the Tampa security camera company near me. Within twenty-four hours, two more cameras were installed in my apartment. This gave me twenty-four hour protection from potential intruders. The two intruders were never caught because the surveillance tapes showed their activity on the cameras.

Because of the experience I had in the security camera installation business, I recommend that you hire qualified security cameras installers in the area where you have your security cameras installed. They will know the best locations for cameras to be installed and will have the equipment at their disposal to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Most of the time, you won’t need to pay them a fee for twenty-four hour surveillance. However, if you ever do need twenty-four hour coverage you can always ask your local security camera installer if they are willing to extend that service to you for a small additional cost.

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