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Security cameras are equipment that integrate closed-circuit television, CCTV. Installed at strategic points in a building, the cameras provide images that make it possible to monitor the location.

The main function of the work of an ORLANDO security camera installation company is to offer systems that allow its customers to control what happens in their building, be it residential, corporate, commercial or industrial. Camera system can be used to prevent theft, invasions, burglaries, among other crimes.


OTC, ORLANDO security camera installation company, sells and installs cameras system for Univiews, LTS,  Axis, Pelco, Samsung, Avigilon, Hikvision brands. The cameras models and brands installed vary according to the proportions of the building and the level of security that the customer needs.


OTC is a company specialized in the supply and installation of technological systems for all types of buildings. His work includes several types of systems, some aimed at adding value to the business or home, others to optimize its structure and others to raise the security level of the place.

In its performance as an installation company for ORLANDO security cameras, OTC focuses on supplying equipment from the best brands in the industry and providing specialized services for the surveillance installation.

In order to obtain ample performance capacity, OTC ORLANDO security camera installation company promotes constant training for its employees. This ensures that professionals can meet the most appropriate installation standards in relation to the camera models to be installed and the needs expressed by the customer. When installing cameras in elevated locations, OTC team meets the requirements of the OSHA.

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Caine and his team were great! They were meticulous, polite, and efficient. They went above and beyond to complete the job to our satisfaction.

Harrison James

CEO, Automation Inc.

I’m a big believer of reviews. Most of my shopping and eateries are decided based on it. After reading about 6 reviews I was sold. OTC is everything you expect them to be. Will be getting my moms house done also. Five stars.

Stanley Thomas

Lead Developer, Automattic Inc

If these guys were able to install cameras in my business they can do it anywhere. This was a very intricate installation on a very old building yet they made it look easy. Everything went so smooth we barely notice they were there. Awesome. Thanks

Lamie Fisher

Store Manager, Walmart Inc

Security cameras as an impeditive

Nothing prevents thieves from stealing a place more than the surveillance system. It is a great deterrent to theft for the store, because when malicious individuals see the cameras, they know someone is watching. As a result, they can choose not to steal the place because it is just too risky and there is a high chance of getting caught.

Placing security cameras, which can be seen, outside and inside the property, is a major deterrent to theft for the home or business. Any owner who wants to keep employees safe and theft to a minimum, or nonexistent, will need to install cameras that can be seen but not touched.

See everything that is happening at your home, from anywhere and in the palm of your hand

We are often surprised by images broadcast in the media of the elderly or the sick being mistreated, tortured by people who should take care of them.

If you have someone in your family who is hired to take care of your child, father, mother or any other relative who is unable to defend himself, be assured and calm of knowing that they are being treated with affection and dignity.

After all, you would never accept the idea that the person you love may be the victim of painful treatments by seemingly kind and harmless people.

Do not Trust Simply! Trust What You Really Can SEE even when you are not there.

Only a Security Camera System can give you the peace of mind of knowing everything that is happening in your home, from anywhere and in the palm of your hand!

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