“At OTC we strive to assist you in every way we can to save you time and money while protecting your company’s assets. We want to enable you to protect yourself, your home and/or business. We believe in offering you the latest and most affordable products without sacrificing service. If we’re not able to do this for you, we will try to refer you to someone that can. We’ve saved consumers money on installation without compromising service and quality.

“At OTC, we want to make your life easy. You will be told what kind of camera you require, when it’s necessary to install it and at what resolution you should use your camera. We do our best to keep our prices as low as we possibly can. OTC cameras and digital video recorders are usually pre-configured, so all that you will have to do is select a camera and the software to record your events. OTC cameras are often self contained so they have their own charger and power supply. OTC cameras usually have a built in dome camera with a good lens.

“At OTC, we will help you choose the right camera system and the appropriate installation method for your property. OTC cameras and systems are usually pre-configured so all you will have to do is select a camera and the software to record your events. OTC cameras and systems are usually pre-built with all of the necessary components, such as an internal circuit monitor, a DVR, a cable for the DVR to connect to the recording unit, a power source and an AC adapter. OTC cameras usually have a built in dome camera with a good lens.

“When choosing an OTC security system, the installation process can be confusing for some consumers. OTC cameras and systems are often pre-assembled and came with the necessary components and accessories. OTC cameras come with manuals that explain installation processes and the procedures involved in their operation. OTC cameras usually have manuals that describe installation procedures and operation as well.

“You’ll need to determine what your OTC security camera system requirements are before you begin shopping. OTC cameras and systems differ in some ways that can affect the cost of installation. OTC cameras and systems may not have as many components as a fully-configured home or business security system. OTC cameras, even if they are pre-assembled, are available with or without remote access. A fully-configured security camera system will have a number of components, including a camera housing, a receiver and a monitor.

OTC systems are available in both analog and digital formats. OTC cameras and systems will also vary in picture resolution, frame rates and other features. OTC systems that are being used to monitor a home will generally have a lower picture resolution and frame rate than an employee monitoring a business. OTC digital cameras will also have higher picture resolution and frame rates than traditional cameras.

The OTC security camera market is fairly large. There are many companies manufacturing OTC cameras and systems. OTC cameras and systems are available from many different security camera manufacturers, such as Pinnacle, Horizon Video, NUUO, and Cuddeback. OTC cameras and systems differ in prices, depending on brand, OTC camera size and model, and the features included.

OTC security cameras are commonly used in high-risk areas and for businesses. Security companies use OTC security cameras and systems to monitor their sites and prevent against theft or vandalism. OTC cameras and systems are also commonly used by government agencies and other institutions to protect their facilities and properties from unlawful activities. For these reasons, OTC security cameras are quite popular. OTC cameras can be purchased from most major home improvement stores, such as Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart.