Daytona Security Cameras System

Daytona Security Cameras System

The CCTV System has the fundamental objective of providing and ensuring efficiency in monitoring the various areas of a given location, through integrated solutions both in terms of hardware and software using its own applications that will process and store data of videos, providing better visualization and monitoring of the information necessary for making security decisions and promoting the reduction of investments in operating costs in general.

We have the ideal solution for security of your home, condominium or businesses with the CCTV system.

OTC Security Camera masters the biggest technologies of today in the follow-up of the CCTV system, the result of a direct link with the main manufacturers and suppliers that constantly have technical and commercial training at each launch, therefore, OTC Surveillance always offers its customers the most modern in the security market.

We are prepared to serve from homes, educational institutions, small stores, warehouses, large companies, industries, condominiums, hospitals etc.

Daytona OTC Security Cameras System has extensive experience with the implementation of large infrastructures for image monitoring systems, using the latest technologies on the market. The big difference is that we serve all phases of the project, from the visit for preliminary assessment, risk analysis and technical feasibility to survey the necessary requirements, in order to offer the ideal solution to meet the specific needs of each project.

  • Optical infrastructure and cabling
  • Perimeter monitoring
  • Street monitoring of horizontal condominiums
  • Monitoring of elevators, lobby
  • Monitoring of parking lots and outdoor environments
  • Integration with systems for intelligent image analysis
  • Remote access via PC, Tablet or Mobile Devices

With this feature you can have a much faster response in monitoring your home, business or enterprise, through an application installed on your smartphone, laptop or desktop you can take care of your assets in a simple and efficient way.

With representations of the best brands, Daytona OTC Security Cameras System also offers its customers the most modern equipment in Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) for security monitoring with trained and qualified labor so that the final service is performed with excellence in all details, such as finishes and general aesthetics.

Daytona Security Cameras

Daytona Security Cameras System
Daytona Security Camera
Daytona Security Camera
Daytona Security Camera