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Living in this world has been increasingly difficult during so much violence, thieves, and crimes, that is why the CCTV Security market has been growing every day, and it could not be different. Most of the cars running on the streets have alarms and trackers, it is hard to think like a bad guy, but if we put ourselves in their shoes what do you think he will prefer? A car with or without an alarm? In homes, offices, condominiums and other residential and commercial establishments it is no different, the security camera, in addition to protecting, inhibits the action of many burglars, I say many, because the security camera does not prevent the occurrence but helps to reduce cases and allows remote monitoring that can assist in action at the time of the occurrence.

OTC Security Cameras Installation offers the service of implementation of the CCTV system (Security cameras) from the creation to the installation of all components, both in your company and in your home.

We recommend, sell, guide, and implement the best equipment from the best brands

DVR Stand Alone HD, HDCVI, HDTVI, AHD, NVR, IP cameras, connectors, cables, are just some of the equipment we sell

Are your security cameras failing!?

Can’t View on Mobile!?

Is your system recording as it should!?

OTC Security Cameras Installation also makes the maintenance and correction of your CCTV system already implanted!!

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