Bullet or Dome Security Camera? What is the difference?

Bullet or Dome Security Camera

In terms of functionality, the two types of cameras have great similarity, and are also not difficult to install. Before, the biggest difference was in the installation location, bullets cameras were more used outdoors because they were better prepared to face the dust and rain, but nowadays the dome models are already being manufactured with these aspects as well.


Bullet or Dome Security CameraBullet security cameras.

Bullet security cameras have an elongated shape and are attached to poles and walls. Generally, they are more resistant to the weather, and if you want to ‘frighten’ possible vandals or invaders, bullets are seen more easily, being less discreet than dome. Therefore, bullets cameras are more used in outdoor environments.



Dome security cameras.Bullet or Dome Security Camera

Dome security cameras have a rounded shape, like a dome. They are fixed to the ceiling and walls. They are a more elegant and discreet model than bullets, and some have a hidden capsule, which hides the lens making it unclear where the camera is directed. Dome cameras do not stand out like Bullets, so they end up being a good choice for indoor environments.

Nothing prevents the use of Dome outdoors and Bullets indoors, what should be done is a correct analysis of the environment, so that the equipment is better combined with the installation site, not forgetting to check camera characteristics, such as protection of the camera. dust and water, ability to shoot in dark environments, lenses, and the size of the area the camera should cover.


At OTC Security Cameras Installation, you will find high quality and technology dome and bullet cameras, which have intelligence systems, allowing detection of intruders, lost objects, facial detection, and totally clear shooting in dark environments.

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